Africapitalism: Unleashing the power of emotions for Africa’s Development?

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Kenneth Amaeshi


Africapitalism – “an economic philosophy that embodies the private sector’s commitment to the economic transformation of Africa through investments that generate both economic prosperity and social wealth” – is an emerging business philosophy from Africa spearheaded by one of the continent’s leading entrepreneurs, Mr Tony Elumelu. From my experience of interacting with business leaders, especially those interested in the sustainable economic development of Africa, I get the impression that Africapitalism has the power to unleash positive emotional energy and the ability to suck-in interests for Africa’s development. It has an awesome way of captivating the imagination of African entrepreneurs and citizens, in particular, in a manner that has not been done by any other socio-economic construct. It jolts consciousness and repositions the development of Africa in the world firmly as an indigenous project in which Africans will play significant active roles. I see this glimmer of audacious hope whether engaging with business leaders in Lagos, Nairobi, Accra, or Johannesburg. The message is unique, as well as the sentiments it evokes. (to continue, please click here)


First published by African Arguments of the Royal African Society (UK), October 2, 2013


Sustainable banking in Nigeria: a strategy or a mindset?

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Kenneth Amaeshi and Chris Ogbechie

On 24 September 24 2012, the Central Bank of Nigeria launched the Nigerian Sustainable Banking Principles. The adoption and implementation of these principles are compulsory and require Nigerian “banks, discount houses and development finance institutions to develop a management approach that balances the environmental and social risks identified with the opportunities to be exploited through their business activities”.

This move by the Central Bank of Nigeria, spearheaded by the current governor, Mallam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi – which has been internationally applauded – appears to be the first of its kind globally. In its approach to promoting commitment to sustainability, it is an unusual mix of soft and hard governance….. (to continue, please see the link below)

Published in The Guardian (UK) Sustainable Business Blog October 2, 2013

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