Death, Oh Death!

November 3, 2012 § 1 Comment

Kenneth Amaeshi

Then I shall be no more and breathless. May be, I shall go through the cold storage machine, before my body goes under the earth to be feasted upon by ants and worms.

I guess they merely do their work in line with their position on the food chain pecking order. Their work is  to return the body I have so much loved and tended to into dust; for dust I am and unto dust I shall return. Then my body shall serve as a nutrient to other beings, including the trees and grasses. My body may even in the many years to come become part of the fossil fuel to be extracted. We suck out a lot of past bodies today in the Niger Delta. That’s what it means to be an oil producing State.

My loved ones and friends will cry; my foes will rejoice, for I will be no more with them in my earthly garment. Will I be able to witness these emotions? Will I be lifeless or alive in other forms? Shall I be able to comfort and scourge? These are unknowns.

This end makes a mockery of my current quests and desires. Of what purpose are they? What is the purpose of life on earth? Is it to be rich, comfortable and have fun? Is the comfort of life on earth not temporal and short-lived? Why should I pre-occupy myself with that which doesn’t last? But what if there is no eternity to look forward to?

Life on earth is a mystery and can also be a misery. However, death appears more mysterious and miserable. These gory characteristics make me shudder, and I wonder why I ever exist. If I had a choice, would I have accepted to be born? Yet, the God who created me without my help cannot save me without my help. Yes, Jesus has died for us; but that salvation will not be yours unless you reach out for it. So the holy writ says; we are subtly encouraged to accept that by faith, but is it a fair proposition? Is God fair? He that created me without my help!

The reality of death makes life on earth meaningfully meaningless. Oh death where is thy victory and sting?

Nov 2. 2012 (All Souls)

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